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4 - 5 MAY 2024




Join the adventure of the Evian Triathlon 2024!

We are delighted to announce that volunteer registrations for the second edition of the Evian Triathlon are now open! The event will be held on the weekend of September 14 and 15, we need you to make this event an unforgettable moment.

For this new edition, we are expecting a record participation, there will be many to take up the challenge in one of the most breathtaking settings in the region. We also need enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to take part in various missions.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, looking for an enriching community experience, or simply want to contribute to a sporting event, your help will be invaluable. From logistical support to welcoming athletes, including managing refreshment points and course security, there is a mission for everyone. We invite you to mark your calendar and prepare for an unforgettable experience the second weekend of September. Join our team of dedicated volunteers and be part of an adventure that goes far beyond sport.

Are you ready to dive into adventure? 

Don't miss this unique opportunity. Register now and become an essential link in the 2024 edition of the Evian Triathlon. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

If you have any questions, write to us at the following email address:

Thank you again for your support and see you soon!
Alessio & Angelina
In charge of the Volunteer Program

Arrival area

  • Several missions are located in the arrival zone: 

  • Management of arrival supplies: setting up of products, distribution and storage after the races

  • Distribution of running bracelets: give runners a bracelet to count running laps

  • Recovery of bracelets and timing chips

Swimming Start Team

  • Help set up the swimming course

  • Manage the departure device

  • Secure the passage of athletes in the area


  • Apply safety instructions for cars and the public

  • Secure the course when triathletes pass through

  • Guiding triathletes

Logistics Team

  • Help install signage and equipment on the course

  • Set up the Triathlon Village

Collection of bibs and participating gifts

  • Give the pack and gifts to participants

Home & Information

  • Welcome and direct participants and the public to the information point

  • Hand over the welcome kit and help with reception at the volunteer area

Refreshment Route

  • Set up supplies, tables, equipment and trash cans

  • Distribute fruits, gels and drinks

  • Clean the feeding area after the triathletes have passed

  • Assembly, dismantling of the course

Bike park management

  • Manage park entry and exit flows

  • Check participants’ equipment at the park entrance

Paddle team

  • Ensuring safety on the water on a paddle 

  • Check that participants are following the correct trajectory in the water

  • NB: It is necessary to be comfortable on a paddle for this mission. If you have your own paddle or canoe, it's even better.

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