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4 - 5 MAY 2024





We’d like to say a big thank you to all our Official Partners and Suppliers who have committed to the Evian Triathlon.

  • Association pour la Sauvegarde du Léman

    The Association for the Safeguard of Lake Geneva (ASL) is an apolitical, Franco-Swiss non-profit organisation. It is of scientific reference and has been recognized as a public utility. Since 1980, the ASL has been working to keep the waters of the lake and rivers of the Lake Geneva basin as pure as possible. After the battle won against phosphates, other concerns require our vigilance, such as macro-waste, microplastics, micropollutants and invasive species. Its concrete actions in the field, its approaches to politicians, its awareness campaigns, its animation programs aimed at young people and the quarterly publication of its magazine contribute to ensuring a good ecological state of the lake in the long term. Every day, the activities of the ASL help to ensure the proper functioning of aquatic ecosystems and that Lake Geneva remains a source of drinking water for future generations. The work of the ASL is recognized by the federal, cantonal/departmental and municipal administrations, as well as by the population for its seriousness and objectivity.

  • Ville d'Evian

  • Biocoop

    Biocoop Thonon is a store offering a wide choice of bio and local organic products, focusing on customer service and highlighting our passion for the food industry

    We are also committed to the future and have a zero waste customer journey, we are trying to reduce plastic packaging and prioritizing the bulk offers as much as possible. Organic grocery store, Local products, Artisanal butchery & caterer, Fresh produce, Beauty & well-being and bulk station. At the entrance to the Marclaz area, come and discover our food store specializing in products from organic farming! “In the pipeline, the opening of a second Biocoop store, in Publier, by the end of 2023, on the same model as of Biocoop Thonon…”

    Fromagerie de La Fruitière

    Located in the heart of Les Houches since 1982, the Fromagerie de la Fruitière is specialized in the sale of local cheeses, cold cuts and regional products.

    We support the short circuit. Indeed, our company privileges  farm products resulting from artisanal manufacture which ensures a production of quality.

    The cheese factory was taken over in 2020 by a young, dynamic and passionate team. You can find us in our store in Les Houches (11 rue de l'Essert and 88 place de la Fruitière) but also on the markets from Monday to Sunday. Thus we perpetuate the tradition of the markets to keep this link of proximity and sharing with our customers.

    We are waiting for you to come and taste beaufort, reblochon, filet mignon, sausages and many other products just as good!

    For the curious and the gourmets, amateurs of traditions or know-how, come to discover our stand.


    Triloop is a sustainable sport brand based in France. They offer sustainable products for running, cycling and swimming.

    Triloop clothes are locally made. 80% of their manufacturers are based in France and the others remain in neighboring countries (Belgium, Italy, Portugal,...). Moreover, the brand uses recycled materials to reduce the use of petrol (mainly used in sport garments). These materials could be provided from plastic bottles recovered from the sea. Then, their products are less polluting and reduce the impact of sports clothes on our playground.

    With Triloop, push your limits while respecting your values #TAKETHELOOP

  • La Radio Plus

    La Radio Plus is Le Chablais historical radio, a mix between good music, tips on the area and local news!

    La Radio Plus is everyday offering to its listeners gifts, money, concert and cinema tickets, pass for Walibi… It’s also several festivals official radio like Monjoux or Thonon among others!

    It’s most famous game “La Bonne Lettre”, the right letter in the word “Plus”, is every day at 7.50, 9.50 and 17.50 with a chance to win 100 euros or chf.

    La Radio Plus is the biggest events in Haute-Savoie local partner, highlighting local actors

    La Radio Plus deploys its journalists team every day in le Chablais and the region, it’s also very active on social medias, Internet, Instagram & Facebook !


    La Radio Plus, hit music station, 98.9 FM in Evian, Annemasse and Geneva, 93 FM in Thonon and Lausanne and also available on DAB+

    Every La Radio Plus frequences can be found on

    La Radio Plus, in both Savoie and Haute Savoie, Hit Music Station!

  • Promocash




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