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4 - 5 MAY 2024




  • The Evian Triathlon recommends that you take an individual insurance against any physical accidents to which you may be exposed.

    To protect yourself from the unexpected and the accidental, it is important to have an insurance.  To insure yourself, click here.

  • If you are a student, you get a 15% discount by uploading a valid student card for the month of the event.

  • Creating a group is intended for teams or companies entering 10 or more runners. Creating a group allows for easy management and supervision of a group’s registrations. A group can be composed of an unlimited number of runners, across all ages and all race categories.

    As a reminder of the conditions and advantages of creating a group:

    • You can create a group starting from 10 entries (using the name of your company, association, etc…)

    • For every 10 entries, the 11th is free (the least expensive of the basket).

    • From 20 entries onwards, you can benefit from group payment (one-time payment).

    • From 20 entries onwards, you can also benefit from a grouped bib pick up. This means that you can collect the bibs of all the participants in your group, as well as their t-shirts and goodies, in one go. No need to queue up in the bib collection area!

    What should I do to create a group?
    If you wish to create a group registration, please send an email to with the following information: Name, Surname, phone number and email address of the group leader, as well as the group name and a password. We will create an account for you to facilitate the management of your group’s online registrations.

    As soon the invoice is created, no more registrations can be made through this group and any remaining runners will have to register individually by paying for their own entry (however, they can be added to the group of their choice later by sending us an email).

    When can I collect the bibs of my group?
    It’s possible to collect the bibs of your team only on Friday before the races.

    Please note: If you wish to simply run in a team, please refer to the team challenge section below.

For his second edition, the Evian Triathlon is affiliated to the French Triathlon Federation (F.F.TRI).

To make it easier for participants to register, the medical certificate is no longer mandatory and is replaced by a “Health Info” form. To complete their registrations, non-members will be required to take b “competition pass”, which will enable them to benefit from the guarantees set out in the civil liability insurance contract taken by the F.F.TRI. with MAIF.



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