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SEPTEMBER 14-15, 2024



Evian Triathlon: SOLD OUT for its 1st edition (1,500 participants on September 16th and 17th)

Key points in this press release:

  • 1,500 participants are expected to make history at the Evian Triathlon (1st edition).

  • A sold-out event for its very first 1st edition.

  • Three formats available: Sprint (S), Olympic (M), and Lé-Man Full Distance (XL).

  • The courses offer stunning views of Lake Geneva, the French Alps, and the town of Evian-les-Bains.


A historic first for the Evian Triathlon


Just a few days before the epic first edition of the Evian Triathlon, excitement is building up in the town, nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva. This sports event, combining endurance, courage, and passion, will be held on September 16th and 17th, 2023. Starting from Parc Dollfus, participants will be treated to an exceptional environment, swimming in the blue waters of Lake Geneva, cycling through the beautiful landscapes of the Savoyard Chablais, and concluding with a run along the shores of Lake Geneva.

The Evian Triathlon offers 3 formats: Sprint, Olympic, and Lé-man Full Distance (XL). 1,500 passionate triathletes have confirmed their participation, reflecting the magnitude of this new event, which steps directly into the realm of “grand French triathlons.”

In its very first edition, the Evian Triathlon is fully booked! A waitlist has opened for those who wish to register in case there are some extra race bibs. The organizers, OC Sport, in collaboration with the City of Evian-les-Bains, celebrate this success, which foretells a promising future for future editions.

For this inaugural edition, the Evian Triathlon supports the Association for the Preservation of Lake Geneva.

The first edition of the Evian Triathlon marks a strong commitment to the preservation of Lake Geneva. In partnership with the Association for the Preservation of Lake Geneva, the Organizing Committee will strive to raise awareness among its participants and audience about the importance of protecting this natural treasure. This collaboration illustrates the event’s dedication to conserving the lake and underscores the importance of collective action to preserve the environment in which triathletes will compete.



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